CS Security Control and Management

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Strasbourg Complex Systems Roadmap


  • Maxime Pierson (BFO Icube)
  • Pierre Parrend (ECAM)
  • Aline Deruyver (BFO Icube)
  • Cécilia Zanni-Merk (BFO Icube)
  • Dimitrich Sébastien (Stagiaire ECAM)


Security, Management, social network, usability, information system, risk managment


A complex system is designed for a given purpose and we want to preserve its legitimate operation, both inside and outside nominal conditions of operation. We want to define the security in the context of complex systems and to have an efficient control and management of this system. We consider an information system as a graph where the nodes represent the states of the system and the arcs represent the transition between two states. The idea is to put security constraints on the arcs in order to constraint the transition between couple of states and to preserve an adapted using of the system.


  • 1- How to preserve the functional integrity of a complex system by controlling its security ?
  • 2- How to define the security constraints ? How to associate metrics or weights to these constraints in order to define a security cost function ?
  • 3- How to define degrees of attackability ?
  • 4- How to recognize a danger context ?
  • 5- How to define exit strategies ?
  • 6- How to identify control environment variables


  • Designing the model of an information system considered as a complex system.
  • Attackability

Two examples:

1- Information system : Hardware, Element software (OS, DB, Soft itself). Designing of an artificial immune system

2- reactive multiagent (ex Fish shoal) : Interaction, perturbation of the shoal. --> bring the system out of its nominal conditions.: number of fish, environment, noise.

  • Stochastic methodology and complex graphs to manage the security and usability trade-off.
  • Artificial Immune system


  • Modeling the trade-off between security et usability through complex networks.
  • Designing an artificial immune system based stochastic optimisation to make the system protect itself from attacks disturbing its nominal operation.


Integration in the CS control platforme of a library of functions linked to the security.