Strasbourg Complex Systems Roadmap

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The Strasbourg Digital Campus for Complex Systems is coordinated by Prof Pierre Collet.

Please find here a FAQ on the UNESCO UniTwin CS-DC and a FAQ on the ECCE e-lab.

On 19th and 20th January 2012, a roadmap has been elaborated with the great help of Paul Bourgine, Honorary President of the French National Network of Complex Systems and head, for the UNESCO Assyst project, of the development of the UNESCO Complex System Science UniTwin programme. Even if all could not participate due to their busy agendas, 70 researchers of the Université de Strasbourg showed their interest, including Jean-Marie Lehn, 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, who bestowed upon us the great honour to give an enlightening talk on Complex Systems in Chemistry.

The roadmap consists of a Research and Teaching Programme that is described below.

Research programme

Different workgroups have been identified, allowing to elaborate a Complex Systems table for Strasbourg:

Questions \ Objects All topics Emerging Complexity in Supramolecular Systems Protein Networks Immunology Music and art Social Emergent Dynamics Modelling 4P Education (POEM) 4P Medicine Geoscience (Active Margins) 4P Industry
Methodology (Measurement and Modelling) Unistra PhD X X
Design, Utilization, Self-adaptation and Control Unistra PhD Internship + PhD on the Development of new
Evolutionary Techniques for Proteomic Analysis
ANR "Modèles Numériques" GREMSAP (submitted) POEM (with 3SCS, Senegal) DMI (with 3SCS, Senegal) 4P Factory CSDC E-laboratory; currently under submission
Collective Behaviour X POEM (with 3SCS, Senegal) GenIDA ComplexLean
CS Security Control and Management Lean Security Reaction Internship on Ligeti Harmonies X POEM (with 3SCS, Senegal) DMI (with 3SCS, Senegal)

Teaching programme

The Educational Ecosystem of the Strasbourg CNSC will implement a POEM, (Personalised Open Education for the Mass), i.e. an advanced autonomic MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that can implement 4P Education (Participative, Predictive, Preventive and Personalised) based on several new concepts developed during a PhD Thesis defended in 2006 by Gregory Valigiani. Typically, students and courses are managed by a man-hill that finds the best pedagogical paths towards a goal. Students are also automatically rated using an ELO system, which allows to turn the educational system into a serious game.

This POEM is currently being started with some small video courses that are recorded on purpose. Courses will be available both in French and in English. The idea behing POEMs is presented (in French) here with Anna Scius-Bertrand who presents the European projects submitted around 4P Education.

Guidelines to create short courses

Introduction aux systèmes complexes
Vers la mécanique des fluides

Standard courses related to Complex Systems

UFR Mathématique et Informatique
UMR Département d'Ecologie, Physiologie et Ethologie
UFR Physique et Ingénerie
  • L3 Physique: Systèmes Dynamiques
  • M2 Mécatronique et Energie : conception généralisée de macro-systèmes
  • Graph Theory and its application to Complex Systems:
    • Algebraic Graph Theory
    • Applications and examples

List of e-infrastructures

EPR Spectroscopy
  • Strasbourg is a node of the National network for advanced EPR spectroscopies (TGE Renard CNRS). This network gives an access to great variety of EPR facilities.
EASEA, a Massively Parallel Evolutionary Optimisation platform
  • The EASEA platform is currently developed in Strasbourg. It comprises a cluster of GPGPU machines with 15360 GPGPU cores with supralinear speedup, that is used for research on the development of complex systems on massively parallel computing architectures.

Jean-Marie Lehn

Paul Bourgine