Science by Algorithm

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Jeudi 26 novembre 2015, 15h-16h, Salle des Thèses du Nouveau Patio (20a rue René Descartes - 67000 Strasbourg)

Attention : conférence annulée et reportée à une date ultérieure

Yasuhiro Suzuki
'Graduate School of Information Science', Université de Nagoya (Japon)
Science by Algorithm

La conférence

Computer Science has departed from “motherland” and been served for other research areas such as physics, biology, chemistry and so on. I have not realized that I have been out of the motherland and “hired” by the other research areas. When I returned to the motherland, I was disappointed on situation of the land; “soil” is poor there are no “own industries” and nearly 100 percent of GNP relies on trading. I have explored “special products” of the land; it turns that Algorithm is almost only one product that I could somehow find. I declare that now is the time to start the Science by Algorithm, “General Computational Science, GCS”! (it seems that there are no followers… who cares...). In my tame talk, I start with a uncertain definition of Algorithm and show showcase of my tame researches in Complex Systems (artificial life…origin of life, Molecular robotics…creating a living robot by using DNA molecules and so on), Art by Algorithm (Generate a graphic art by using Genetic Algorithm and so on. I expand the concept of GCS to human communication via sense of touching. In order to describe the sense of touching, we invented the Tactile Score and extracted the algorithm of massaging. We transform the Tactile Score into haptic sound vibration and create a new-media, which integrates audio-visual and tactile sense. I hope algorithm of haptic sound vibration (we call it as the “music for skin”) shed a small light in researches of music as complex systems.


Yasuhiro Suzuki, Ph.D. Graduate from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in 1995, started career as research associate of the Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University and engaged Medical Artificial Intelligence (diagnosis system for birth-defect), Systems biology (analyzing protein interaction network as complex systems), Artificial Life (origin of life, artificial chemistry). From 2005, associate professor of Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University, after moved to Nagoya University, organized a special interest group of Natural Computing in Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence and lunched General Computational Science (started all alone and still).