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The videos of workshop (broadcasted live on Internet on are now available here
Participating universities can display this e-workshop in real time a lecture theatre.
All talks will be recorded on video for future access. Questions can be asked during the round table sessions on twitter @CNSC_Strasbourg

A UNESCO UniTwin for the Complex Systems Digital Campus

On April 30th 2013, Le Havre University and Strasbourg University submitted a UniTwin programme on a Complex Systems Digital Campus to the French Commission of UNESCO (cf. English brochure) along with 76 Universities in 22 countries and over 4 continents.

This proposal was validated by UNESCO, so this is the first e-Workshop of a long series within this new UniTwin. The objectives are to elaborate our strategies in order to set up:

  • an international Computational Ecosystems as a Complex Systems (CECS) e-laboratory (to be submitted at ECCS'2013 in Barcelona) and
  • an Educational Ecosystem for Massive Personalized Education.

for this UNESCO CS-DC UniTwin.

The prospective programme for this workshop that will take place on Sept 9th 2013, Salle des Thèses, Nouveau Patio, 20 rue Descartes, 67000 Strasbourg is shown below.

Please register on this STUDS page if you plan to attend the workshop.

Schedule Participants Title
08.15 Welcome coffee
08.45 PCollet.jpgPAHervieux.jpg

Prof. Pierre Collet and Paul-Antoine Hervieux
Introduction by Pierre Collet and Paul-Antoine Hervieux, delegate vice-president of Research of the Strasbourg University
09.00 PBourgine.jpg
Paul Bourgine
President of the International CS-DC
The CS-DC UNESCO UniTwin and its Computational and Educational Ecosystems
09.30 ZElbitar.png
Ziad El Bitar
Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien, Strasbourg
ImaBio team
France Grilles
10.15 CGermain.gif
Prof. Cécile Germain-Renaud
LRI, Université Paris-Sud
Towards Autonomic E-Science Ecosystems
11.00 RReuillon.jpg
Romain Reuillon
Institut des Systèmes Complexes, Paris Île-de-France
The Open-Mole Platform
11.45 PCollet.jpg
Prof. Pierre Collet
CNSC - ICube - Dept. of Computer Science
Université de Strasbourg
Presentation of the CECS e-lab (Computational Ecosystems as Complex Systems e-laboratory) to be submitted during ECCS'13 in Barcelona
12.15 Discussion on Big Data and Computational Ecosystems at a planetary scale
12.45 Lunch
14.00 AMille.jpg
Prof. Alain Mille
Project representative for CNRS on
"Technologies for human learning"

SILEX team, LIRIS, Université de Lyon

Questions and research methodology on MOOCs: anything new ?
14.45 CChang.png
Prof. Chun-Yen Chang
Director of Science Education Center
Center for Research Excellence in Science Education
National Association for Science Education in Taiwan
National Taiwan Normal University
A roadmap for the future e-Learning research and school practice in Taiwan
15.30 JLouca.png
Prof. Jorge Louça
Lisbon University Institute
New developments in the Étoile Platform: the Curriculum in Complex Systems Sciences
16.15 CJimenez.jpg
Cristian Jimenez Romero
Complexity Science and Design group - Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology
The Open University
Assessing large student populations through machine and social intelligent peer assessment
16.45 PCollet.jpg
Prof. Pierre Collet
CNSC - ICube - Dept. of Computer Science
Université de Strasbourg
Presentation of the POEM (Personalised Open Education for the Masses) platform
17.15 Discussion on Educational Ecosystems at a planetary scale
17.45 Conclusion