Lean Security Reaction

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Providing efficient security reaction support for the operators involves enabling focused security reconfiguration based on risk-based anomaly information.

A cognitive architecture is best suited for gathering reaction information and providing always-improving reaction support.

This support is developed according to the lean principles: alignment with system objective, visualization, autonomation (automation that takes the operator as part of the loop when required), continous improvement of the system.

The project takes place in the frame of the E-laboratory 'computational eco-system as a complex system' from the UNESCO Unitwin CS-DC (Complex-System Digital Campus) (research theme: data and software security).


Scientific staff: Pierre Collet, Pierre Parrend, Julie Thomson, Ismaila Diouf, Véronique Legrand

Development: Pierre Parrend

Organization involved: UDS (Université de Strasbourg, France), ECAM Strasbourg-Europe (France), INSA-Lyon (France)


A first prototype is currently under development.