DMI (with 3SCS, Senegal)

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Robust Digital Records (Dossiers numériques robustes) is a middleware aiming at storing sensitive data such as medical records on peer machines without compromising their security. Target systems are distributed systems with highly unreliable machine and network connection, as can be found especially in developping countries.

Individual records are stored encrypted on a local machines. They are distributed among peers for backup storage. In case of machine crash, a recovery process is performed to reconstruct data of the destroyed machine.


Scientific staff: Salimata Gueye, Ismaila Diouf, Pierre Collet, Pierre Parrend, Aline Deruyver, Abdourahmane Gueye

Development: Abdourahmane Gueye, Nicolas Toussaint, Aurelien Vezin, Thomas Paulus

Organization involved: UCAD (Université Checkh Antar Diop, Dakar, Sénégal), UDS (Université de Strasbourg, France), ECAM Strasbourg-Europe (France)


A first prototype is currently under development