4P Medicine

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Strasbourg Complex Systems Roadmap

Participants (alphabetical order)


Personalized Medicine, Translational Medicine, Personal Genome, Genome sequencing


Healthcare is being transformed by the application of cutting-edge biotechnologies and in particular Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)of human genomes. These genome sequencing technologies will further our understanding of health and disease in different populations, but also allow early and more accurate diagnosis, the development of new drugs and, eventually, personalized medicine - the systematic use of information about each individual patient to select or optimize the patient's preventative and therapeutic care. In 2006, biotech pioneer Leroy Hood coined the term “P4 Medicine” for predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine. The goal is that instead of waiting for clinical symptoms to appear, physicians will eventually be able to see early warning signs of disorders from genomic or proteomic analyses of a patient's tissue samples. If the analyses are truly predictive, then doctors could take early action, or the patient could adjust their lifestyle accordingly to prevent disease.

P4 Medicine:

   Personalized, taking into account a person’s genetic or protein profile.
   Predictive, directing appropriate treatment, and avoiding drug reactions.
   Preventative, anticipating health problems and focusing on wellness, not disease.
   Participatory, empowering patients to take more responsibility for their health and care.


  • Integrated model of the patient, from the genome to the individual, his environment, lifestyle, family history
  • Multi-scale space: genetic mutation, protein, cellular network, tissue, organism
  • Multi-scale time: mutation frequency, molecular interaction dynamics, development, life history
  • Dynamic aspects: evolution of an individual's health and healthcare
  • Collective effects: environment, lifestyle, family history
  • Modeling of effects of perturbations(genetic mutations, environmental factors, pharmacology)





Shared Multi-scale data