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The CS-DC (Complex Systems Digital Campus) was submitted on April 30th 2013 to UNESCO as an UniTwin (University Twinning) project by the Universities of Le Havre and Strasbourg with commitment letters coming from 73 Universities in 22 countries over 4 continents.

This is by far the largest UniTwin programme of UNESCO (typically, UniTwin networks contain 3 to 5 universities) because complex systems are found in all disciplines. They are the new science of the third millenium, where everything is considered in probability rather than in certainty. This opens up many more possibilities because, as said Ilya Prigogine, "the objective is not to predict what will happen, but what can happen."

By the middle of August 2013, UNESCO validated the CS-DC UniTwin submission and in order to recruit more universities and research institutions, I was bestowed the great honour of being appointed ambassador of the CS-DC UNESCO UniTwin. My mission is to present the CS-DC to higher education institutions and to vocational centers so that they can join this network.

The CS-DC e-Tour started after the first e-Workshop on the Computational and Educational Ecosystems of the CS-DC UNESCO UniTwin on September 9th 2013. I plan to drive for about 40 000 km (25 000 miles) around Europe through 36 countries including Turkey and 3 days in Russia.